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Household Electrical Problems

Household Electrical Problems in Basingstoke

Studies have found that homes with wiring problems in their electrical systems are the third leading cause of fire. Household electric fires amount to over 50,000 people a year, causing over 500 deaths, approximately 1,400 injuries and a total of approximately €1.3 billion in property damage. One of the ways to reduce the risk of fire in your home is an electrical panel upgrade or upgrade.

Household Electrical Problems

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Older homes may require an electrical panel upgrade

Many older homes still have an outdated fuse box. It may only be able to supply 60 amps, while today’s standard for new homes is 200 amps.

To safely power modern appliances, electronics and computers, to prevent overloads it requires a switch box.

Fuses vs. automatic switches

Performing the same safety function, both fuses and circuit breakers cut or break electrical current when a power overload occurs, which can cause overheating and fire. The difference is that a fuse blows and needs to be replaced because it melts when it detects an overcurrent. Conversely, pressing a switch will reset a switch.

Internal or external electrical panels

Federal regulations require electrical panels to be positioned outside to allow firefighters quick and safe access in the event of a fire. When allowed, some homes equips with internal boxes. If your internal electrical panel is inadequate, you should consider updating and installing the new one outdoors.

Symptoms of wiring problems

Below are the common symptoms of electrical problems that we never should ignore.

  • Constant burning smell
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Frequent fuses or tripping switches
  • Slight electric shocks or tingling when touching appliances
  • Discolored power outlets or sparks when touched

If you notice any of the above, call an experienced electrician and request a safety inspection as soon as possible.

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