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Storage Heaters In Basingstoke

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Storage Heaters

In short, your storage heater should help you save some money in energy bills. As the name suggests, the machine works by storing energy at night and releasing it for use around your house. As you may know, energy rates are lower at night than during the day.
So if you are already using a storage heater and can’t explain a sudden hike in your energy bills; thus your machine has a problem that needs rectifying.

Storage Heater Basingstoke

Some of the most common storage heaters problems are:

  • Pilot light not going on
  • Uneven heat distribution in some rooms or areas of your home
  • Uncomfortably high, cold temperatures around your home, which could indicate that the machine is unable to regulate the temperatures automatically
  • Poor fixing by the initial installers
  • Leaking machine whether it’s water pooling around the device or gas leaks or both which can turn lethal in no time

The electricians we work with have experience handling different types of storage heaters.
Call us at 01256594127 whenever you have an emergency, and they’ll be there to assist you. Hence, do not hesitate to call us regardless of the machine type in your homes. Remember that with us, you don’t have to wait until regular working hours because we cooperate with reliable technicians.